Learning Targets

Below are the learning objectives and goals for the students in the lessons currently being taught and completed in class. Learning targets are concrete goals written in student-friendly language that clearly describe what students will learn and be able to do by the end of a class, unit, project, or even a course. This page will be updated to reflect the learning processes the students will view in class.

February 27, 2024 - March 4, 2024

Kindergarten: Kindergarten students are learning the basics of computer programming. In this lesson, students will develop programming and debugging skills on a computer platform. The block-based format of these puzzles help students learn about sequence and concepts, without having to worry about perfecting syntax. 

1st Grade: Students are beginning to learn the basics of touch typing. They are learning the home row and each hand individually. The process is slow, as we focus on each movement one at a time. 

2nd Grade:  Presentation Days: Students are presenting their Google Slides presentations that they have been feverishly working on over the past three class sessions.  

3rd Grade: Third grade students are finalizing work on a Google Slides presentation with a topic of their choosing. The focus of this project is inserting and formatting text and pictures. They are also learning how to insert transitions and animations for slides and images. The students will present their slideshow to the class.

4th Grade: Students will be working on a "Shark Tank" themed Google Slides presentation. They will work collaboratively within small groups to create a business or product. The focus will on using Google Slides tools and working together on a shared file. 

5th Grade: 

OME: Students will create links within a Google Slides file. The idea behind the project is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" theme that allow students to create multiple scenarios and possibilities within a slide. They will create a story, adventure, problem, or quest to share with the class. 

PE: DroneBlocks with Tello Drones: Students are coding drones to fly missions within the school. They are using loops, nested loops, and variables to get off the floor and around obstacles.